Rules and regulations

General organization

1. The organization of the World Championship Women 2021 has been allotted by the FMJD to the Estonian Draughts Federation (EDF) and will take place from June 27, till July 15th in Tallinn, Estonia.

2. The 16 players are nominated according a schema from FMJD Annexes 12 Appendix A, accepted by the General Assembly 2019 for the World Championship Women 2021 (, page 113).

3. Actual list with potential changes is available at the competition website (, the site will be opened on May 31).

4. Tournament venue: Hotel Viru, Viru Väljak 4, Tallinn. Hotel website

5. Schedule of the tournament presented in Appendix A.

6. All Championship will be played in COVID bubble. Additional rules for COVID bubble will be available at the beginning of June and published in World Championship 2021 website (

Reserve players

7. Reserve places are created according to the “Global reserve list” (Annex 17 – Appendix C) without any federation limit. The 2021 list can be found on Rating list No 107 (01.01.2021, Elite event qualifications, page 61).


8. The national federations presenting players (or the players themselves) must pay the competitions fee by June 10 (details in chapter about finances). If the fee is not recorded on FMJD bank account, player will be replaced by reserve player without additional reminder.


9. The tournament will be supervised by main referee IR Frank Teer (The Netherlands).

10. Appeal board will be composed by the Executive Council of the FMJD. According to FMJD Annex II, the appeal has to be written in English or French. The protest must be accompanied with the sum of 50 euros, as a deposit from the signatory. The deposit must be handed to the main referee. If the appeal is granted, the sum shall be returned immediately. If the appeal is refused, the deposit is forfeited to the FMJD. The appeal has to be lodged by the player within 30 minutes after the game. The decisions of the Appeal Board are final.

Format of the tournament

11. The tournament will be played as round-robin tournament with 16 players.

12. The final classification will be based on the total points obtained.

13. If two or more players share the same place, the following factors will be used to define the places occupied:

13.1. the largest number of victories

13.2. the best result between the tied players

13.3. the best result obtained in order of the classification

14. If the criteria from the previous point will not decide about final order:

14.1. for the places 1, 2 or 3 – a deciding tie-break will be played: One tie-break with Lehmann-Georgiev system (15 minutes and 2 seconds added per move for an unlimited number of games). If more players shared a place then round robin tournament with G-L games (10 minutes and 2 seconds). The number of minutes to start with may be changed by the main referee depending on the number of players ending ex-aequo and the time available, if necessary after consultation with the FMJD EC representative and the organization.

14.2. for the places 4- … the places will be shared.

15. The official rules of the FMJD will be used. Use of clocks and recording games is compulsory during the whole game. The games will be played in the official FMJD time rate of the Fischer system with 1 hour and 20 minutes for the game plus 1 minute per move. Conforming to the FMJD regulations players are not allowed to agree on a draw before they both made 40 moves. If they do so nevertheless, the referee is obliged to decide on a 0-0 result.


16. Competition fee is 100€ per player.

17. The national federations presenting players have to pay the registration fee of their players using one of the following methods:

17.1. on-line system at FMJD website ( to the representative of the FMJD (description of payment must contain players names).

17.2. directly to FMJD bank account:

Beneficiary: FMJD
BIC code: ABN ANL 2A
IBAN: NL09ABNA0513903682

17.3. Federations of all participating players must have paid the membership fees of the FMJD for the last two years.

17.4. All players and accompanied persons should have travel and health insurance.

18. It is impossible to pay in cash.

19. Prize money – total amount is € 20,000 and will be divided as follows:

  • 1st place 5,000 €
  • 2nd place 3,500 €
  • 3rd place 2,500 €
  • 4th place 1,500 €
  • 5th place 1,000 €
  • 6th place 800 €
  • 7th place 800 €
  • 8th place 800 €
  • 9th place 700 €
  • 10th place 700 €
  • 11th place 500 €
  • 12th place 500 €
  • 13th place 500 €
  • 14th place 400 €
  • 15th place 400 €
  • 16th place 400 €
    (net of any tax)

20. Prizes will be paid from FMJD bank account no later than 14 days after receiving beneficiary’s necessary details to make the transfer.

Accommodation, food, Visa

21. Free package – hotel, breakfast, lunch and dinner:

21.1. For the period dinner June 27th till breakfast July 15th – for all players qualified.

21.2. Free package is based on single rooms. Superior rooms are available on request.

22. Coaches and accompanying persons are out of organisers budget.

22.1. Due the COVID restrictions, players and all accompanied persons (couches, spouses etc) with whom players are in direct contact have to stay on hotel Viru . Due the COVID bubble all accompanied persons should be informed about the specials conditions by players. Additional rules for COVID bubble will be published at beginning of June and
updated if needed.

22.2. For players in period of June 25-27 and July 15-16 and accompanied persons for full stay the organisers have arranged staying and full package (hotel, breakfast, lunch, dinner) in same hotel for 90 EUR/night for single room. Out of this mentioned period the price (only breakfast) – 65 EUR. Double/twin rooms on request (COVID bubble rules apply!).

23. EDF contacts:

23.1. Visas – Kerdi Pesur (

23.2. Accommodation – Krista Pahapill (

23.3. Tournament director – EDF President, Tarmo Tulva (


24. The tournament winner gives right for the title of ‘World Champion International Draughts Women 2021‘.

25.Rights from this World Championship for the title match 2022 and the World Championship 2023.

25.1. If the ex-champion has lost her title he has the right to challenge the new champion to a World Title Match.

25.2.If the ex-champion has retained her title, the player ended on the second place in the World Championship has the right to challenge the current World Champion to a World Title Match.

25.3. The new world champion and the challenger are qualified for the World Championship 2023.

25.4. The best in order of final qualification (apart from champion and challenger) is also qualified for the World Championship 2023.

26. The players finishing in the first three places will receive a medal and an official diploma.

27. All questions concerning technical issues should be addressed to FMJD EC responsive Aare Harak (

28. It is forbidden to smoke in the playing hall.

29. It is forbidden for the player during the game to carry with him and/or use any kind of electronic devices (mobile phones, handheld computers, pocket computers, wireless communication devices, etc). When the referee sees it – the game will be declared lost.

30. The player has to be at her board at the scheduled starting time of the game. The consequences will be an official warning for the player who is not present for the first time and all next times a fine of 100 Euro.

31. In the case of lack of clarity in the FMJD regulations or in these regulations, or in unforeseen circumstances, the matter at hand will be decided by the main referee in consultation with FMJD EC and/or Appeal board (depending on case).