COVID-19 rules


Border crossing information


Updated 24.06.2021

The travel and competitions during COVID time is more complicated. In order for you to more freely travel and stay safe read and follow this document cearfully.

For all non-EU players and accompanied persons:

  • Fill in the border crossing form up to 72 hours before arriving in Estonia Please fill in all fields correctly to avoid queuing on arrival at the airport. The border guard or the airline may ask for confirmation of the border crossing declaration sent by e-mail, either electronically or on paper. If for some reason it is not possible to fill in the questionnaire electronically, it can also be done on paper (see att. 1)
  • Fill the border crossing information on WC2021 website ( 5 day prior arriving to Estonia. It is needed for organisers to give to Estonian Border Guard information for smooth entering Estonia. (if you have done it already and no data has changed, no need to fill it again).
  • Perform a PCR test up to 72 hours before arriving in Estonia (if possible in your home country) to avoid being in self-isolation upon arrival in Estonia. The negative result of the test must be proved by an extract from the test result in Latin or Slavic alphabet, in Estonian, Russian or English, indicating the place, time, performer and details of the test, test methodology (PCR) and test result. Keep this document handy throughout the journey, as it may be checked by both the airline and the border inspection post. People who have not taken the test up to 72 hours before arriving in Estonia can take it in Estonia immediately after arriving in the country. In this case, self-isolation should be maintained until a negative test result is obtained.
  • Follow the specific travel requirements of your airline or bus company. Is it necessary to perform additional tests or complete documents.
  • take out travel insurance and read the insurance conditions carefully. Be sure to take out travel insurance that also covers compensation for travel disruptions caused by the Covid-19 pandemic and treatment for coronavirus disease abroad
  • before the start of the trip, get acquainted with the situation and restrictions of Covid in Estonia
  • If you become ill, stay home and inform the competition organizers.

Additional information for people who have been infected by COVID-19 virus, fully vaccinated and others.

For a person who:

  • Has been infected with the COVID-19 virus and no more than six months has gone by since the recovery. You need to have an official document or an extract from your medical record to prove your recovery (which must be in Latin/Slavic alphabet, in Estonian/Russian/English).

In the document proving your recovery from Covid-19 there has to be the following information:

  1. Personal information
  2. Time of illness
  3. Relevant epicrisis
  4. In case of covid testing:
    a. Method of analysis
    b. The results
    c. Time and place
    d. Name of person who tested you and their information
  • Is fully vaccinated against Covid-19 and no more than a year has gone by since the last shot

You must have with you the documents that prove you have been vaccinated in case they check
them at the border. Vaccination documents must be in Latin/Slavic alphabet, in
Estonian/Russian/English and contain the following information:

  1. First and last name of the vaccinated
  2. The dates of the shots
  3. Type of vaccine and the dose
  4. Vaccine batch number
  5. Number of doses
  6. Person who performed the vaccination and their information

Please also have in hand a copy of the document to give them to the organizers, in case the Health Board requires it.

For people who have not been infected with the Covid virus (6 month), who have not been
vaccinated (12 month) or whose vaccination course has not been completed.

Although the first PCR test has been performed on arrival in the country or 72 h before arrival in
Estonia and the result is negative, the first 6 days (from the time of the first test) must be limited to
self-isolation, ie the so-called Covid “bubble”. For complete freedom of movement, retesting must be
performed no earlier than 6 days after the first negative test.